Wedding Trends: The Photo Booth

To have a photo booth or not? Here’s what you’ll missing out on if you don’t!

Now we’re moving to a fun part of the wedding. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve a lot effort that you hope your guests will notice. It’s a simple and fun detail that all of your guests can enjoy. I’m talking about a photo booth. It’s an increasing trend becoming more and more popular across all types of weddings. If you are considering one, be aware that there are many different ways to you do it. Here I hope to help you discover some of those.

The most common photo booth at a wedding is a normal photo booth: a small booth with a curtain that you step inside for a printout of a few snapshots. This can be good if you want the least amount of hassle possible and are looking for an activity guests can do on their own. This is a splendid idea if you want the guests to leave you their own personal keepsake for your wedding and if you want them to have their own unique momento as well. This is because the traditional photo booth automatically prints two copies of the adorable photo strips. Also, if you want strips, this is the only option that allows for that.

Another cheaper and more homey possibility is using polaroid cameras. Some people see the use of polaroids as cheap while others see it as down to earth. In the end though, it’s just about fun and comfort for your guests. Even at an upscale wedding, it’s great fun to hand out polaroid cameras to your guests and see what sweet and whacky pictures they can take at your wedding. Polaroids are a great combination of disposable cameras and a photo booth. They allow your guests to take pictures anywhere and of anything like a disposable camera, but like a photo booth, allow them to take a photo home and leave one for you to remember them by. Polaroids haven’t been used in the past, because they haven’t been seen as elegant, but as the trend of of comfort and simplicity emerges, their use is becoming stylish.

The last choice is to have a photographer set up a ‘photo booth’. This is wide open for your imagination :-) The booth could simply be a sheet background, a separate room, an area outside or anything else you can think of. A cute and original idea is to hang a picture frame from a tree branch, ceiling or something similar and have guests pose inside it. This is a fun idea, because it allows guests to have somewhat of a personal photo shoot. Creativity and silliness will abound and you and your guests will have pictures to last a lifetime. The downside of this option is that it can be a bit pricey, as the photographer will probably be working for the entirety of the reception. Depending on your personality and motif though, it could be just the touch you’re looking for.

Having a photo booth is cool, but it can become bland almost like school pictures. To spice it up a bit, you can add a few props for your guests to play with. The most basic and versatile ones are wigs, hats, glasses and boas. I recommend having at least two of each and make them very contrasting. For example, buy a top hat and a straw hat or a cute blonde wig and a clown wig. If you want to add more, you might want to consider mustaches, a monocle and the always cool groucho glasses. For true originality, leave a chalkboard for your guests to write messages to show off in their photos. And for an artsy touch, have various picture frames lying around for people to work with in their poses.

No matter what, using a photo booth is guaranteed to add to the wedding festivities. Have a blast and be sure to leave many keepsakes for you and your guests to always remember your big day.

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