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Is it not the great end of religion, and, in particular, the glory of Christianity, to extinguish the malignant passions; to curb the violence, to control the appetites, and to smooth the asperities of man; to make us compassionate and kind, and forgiving one to another; to make us good husbands, good fathers, good friends; and to render us active and useful in the discharge of the relative social and civil duties?
William Wilberforce
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one of my favorite quotes, it’s actually my facebook quote High-res

one of my favorite quotes, it’s actually my facebook quote

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Heaven shining down High-res

Heaven shining down

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The Thoughts You Think While Thinking

While I’m in the middle of desperately waiting for my current decoupage project to make sense to me (and for the paint to dry), I found my mind wandering to things of the future. Isn’t it always in these moments when we begin to become philosophical? It’s the down time, the time when you’re not filling you brain or hands with unnecessary tasks that you begin to ponder life’s deepest questions. Mine tend to run along these lines: where is my life headed? What does the good Lord have in store for me? Will my children follow in their mommy’s footsteps? (oh I hope not) Though they may not seem deep to some of you, they are the ever present thoughts in my mind - and I don’t even have those kids yet!
The future is a scary, yet exciting place for me. I am waiting on the masterful plan of God to unfold before Movie Star and I (which is always thrilling), but it’s been a long and frustrating journey. I don’t know about you all, but when you’re waiting on something that seems hopeless don’t you find it hard to jump right out of bed in the morning like a kid on Christmas? Usually my eyes open to a glottal groan as my body rolls off the bed and clumsily stumbles to the coffee pot, hoping for a quick perk. Even after my daily devotional time with my Savior, I still find it hard to slap that bright smile across my wide face. I love my Lord and will wait on him until the end of time (literally), but sometimes the daily drudge is too much to handle.
Now that you know exactly what my morning consists of (and what’s in my brain), I’ll get to my point. I try to fill my day with things that make my life prettier -hence the site you’re visiting- and keep me focused on my tasks at-hand. But it’s in the moments that you have to sit still in silence, waiting for the paint on your decoupage’d vase to dry, that you are forced to skip around your little brain garden and prune the flowers that are your thoughts. I know my life will turn out just as it should, as long as I live for my God, treat people with love and respect and always do what’s right. But it’s hard to imagine a life filled with happiness when you’re sitting in an itsy one-bedroom apartment staring at a table filled with bills and a small painted vase.
That reminds me! The vase is dry and I’ve got pretty little roses waiting for me to play with them. Until next time…..
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So Why Are You Single?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, one girl deals with constantly hearing the question “So why are you single?”

I get this question a lot, and it being Valentine’s Day time, it makes me think of it more often than usual. First off, it’s only fair for me to let you know a little bit about me. I’m a 22 year-old college student in LA that works on a few websites. I’m a pretty normal girl, so I guess that’s why people always puzzle over why I’m not with a guy. I always find this weird, because I think the answer is obvious. Isn’t it evident that when a (normal) person isn’t in a relationship that it’s because they are not in love? Love is the only reason to be in a relationship, so if I’m not in love, why should I be trying to get into one? And obviously, it’s never a good idea to go around trying to get with someone, because that’s not the way it works. You’ll probably only trick yourself into thinking you feel something because you’re looking for it so badly and possibly ruin your life for a few years even worse, maybe permanently.

I guess I don’t understand why people are in such a hurry to pair off, even if they’re ‘not sure’ how they feel about each other. Don’t they see that being in that special relationship that involves only one other person in the entire world is immensely remarkable? I know I must not be the only one that still believes in true love and the extraordinary thing that it is. I believe in love that’s meant for only two people. When I think of it, really, I think of It’s a Wonderful Life. Yes, I know it’s a movie, but what I’m referring to perfectly illustrates my point. When George Bailey saw what life would be like if her were, he saw his wife, Mary, as a single woman. If she hadn’t met George, she would have never married. There would have never been anyone she met that she couldn’t live without and she would have never been in love.

So as we live in a time where two or three marriages are a commonality as divorce rates for first marriage as around 50%, it seems to me that people are losing their senses. Don’t they know when they are in true love? That’s why I feel like it’s such an odd question to hear ‘why are you single’? I thought the answer was obvious.

If you are married, I hope you are certain that you are with the love of your life. If you are, I’m happy for you for finding that person. If you are in the same situation as I am, it’s good to know others have enough principles and courage to not feel the need to be in a relationship when they’re not in love. As for me, as I have not met the guy I felt strongly enough about, and definitely no one yet for my family to meet ;-), I will use my head and stay single until I’m in love. Until then, I guess I’ll just need to think up some clever responses.

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The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who follows God is likely to find herself in places she never imagined.

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Worth a million reblogs 

Reblogging again and again.



Worth a million reblogs 

Reblogging again and again.

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