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Featured Wedding of the Week: Old Fashioned Seaside Elegance

A gorgeous classic wedding at it’s best!

It’s Saturday, which means one thing. It’s another edition of Inspiring Pretty’s featured weddings! As always, if you’d like to have your wedding showcased, please submit it to us here. Now, onto the prettiness.
This week we’ll be exploring the classic beauty of a simple, old fashioned seaside affair. This wedding is beaming with natural themes and simple traditions from years ago. Notice the bird decorations and small, simple flower arrangements. There’s also gorgeous streamers and feathers, traditions dating back centuries to celebrate the couple as they leave the church. Like a classic event, nuptials took place in the church, and also dating back centuries, the wedding party marched in public to the reception celebrating the marriage. The rest of the gorgeous and down-to-earth party can be seen even greater in the photos!
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go to church today!

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So Excited and I Just Can’t Hide It!

have you ever been really excited about something? like this girl?

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So Excited and I Just Can’t Hide It!

Oh my goodness, I am just bursting at the seems with joy right now!  What was a nice, simple, easy-going Sunday just turned into an evening of blessings.  I love my Lord and am so happy that He watches over me, fulfilling my every need.  Especially since lately things have been rather difficult and blessings have not been a part of my daily life.  My week was looking as though it would roll along just the same as the weeks which proceeded it, boring and a bit depressing.  However, a phone call that to some might just be nice has turned my week upside down.  So, what the heck happened?!  Well I’ll get to that, but you’re going to need a little background.

For the past several years I have been diligently studying the word of God as well as seeking him with my whole heart.  For the last two of these years, I have been participating in the women’s bible studies at my church Metro Calvary Chapel in Santa Monica, Ca.  These studies usually contain the study books, videos and teachings of Beth Moore.  I  have grown to deeply respect this woman for her elated love for Jesus as well as her God-given gift of truly capturing the female heart – she is after all a woman….hehe.  Through Beth Moore’s ministry Living Proof, she is able to tour the U.S. speaking to women on the heart of God.  She will be coming to Fresno, Ca this weekend and I so wanted to attend.  Unfortunately, finances have been tight and the price for a ticket, the gas to get there, a hotel room and food was just too much for my little piggy bank to handle.  I wasn’t too upset, I just figured it wasn’t meant to be and moved on.

Yet, life has been hard.  It’s just been hard – I’m sure some of you know just what I’m talking about.  The past 2-3 weeks have been filled with death, disappointment, financial struggles, relational heartaches and just down-right misery.  But the Lord has always stepped in just when I thought I couldn’t handle it anymore.  That’s what happened this past Thursday at my weekly bible study.  I needed some encouragement that I am on the right path and he showed up in perfect order.  Since then my attitude has been better; much more positive.  And then tonight my phone rang.  It was someone offering me an opportunity which would allow me to attend this event without strapping my bank to a bomb.  I immediately felt blessed by my Lord and Savior.  I felt like he was not only saying, “I know you need this.  So, here you go my darling,”  but also saying,” This is to bless you for sticking with me and not giving up.”

I can’t wait to attend this event and promise to share with you all the insights, inspiration and fellowship I receive.  Praise the Lord!

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