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Wedding Trends: Bouquet Decorations

new trends of beautiful bridal bouquet decorations for wedding inspiration!

Now we move onto a truly pretty element of the wedding: the bouquet. Today I’ll only be talking about the bouquet decoration. As weddings become more original and couples take more charge with their own DIY touches, each detail of the wedding is becoming more ornate and thought out. Proof of this is that bouquets themselves have decorations now. They can span from simple white satin ribbon enveloping the flower stems or more intricate designs including feathers, pearls or photographs. Designs are differing greatly as originality and uniqueness abound. No matter what though, the overall trend is a return to classic elegance and intricate, yet simple designs. It’s a rejection of clean cut modernism and a new emergence of old-fashioned simplicity and delicate beauty.
One piece finding its way into the majority of bouquet adornments is jewelry. This is a wide field, but because it is a classy occasion, usually only high-end and sentimental jewelry is used. A classic item now being repurposed for the bouquet are pearls. They make for a beautiful decoration that match any color and most designs. Obviously, it would be hard to pull them off with fabric such as linen, but anything is doable if you use some ingenuity and true design expertise.
Another classic and sentimental element returning is the brooch. I think I love this adornment the most, because it can work on any color and on minimal or ornate designs. It’s also an old-fashioned touch that never goes out of style and a perfect way to add your ‘something old’.
A new way of incorporating jewelry into bouquets is to simply tie a small bracelet around the bouquet. It can be gorgeous if done well. Bracelets with hearts dangling from it around your bouquet will only add to the sweetness of the day and the simple elegance of the ceremony.
As originality increase, so does the use of new decorations. One design beginning to become popular is the use of feathers. This is a new and truly unique bouquet design, and actually has quite and old-fashioned feel. It beckons the feel of the days when boas and feather headbands were popular in the 1920’s. For a very classic elegant feel, this is a great option.
Lastly, no matter what the theme of your wedding is, be sure to include the season into your motif. If you incorporate your bouquet in this, use elements specific to the season (and possibly the location). For spring, use
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Featured Wedding of the Week: Mine!

The author details her own nuptials in this week’s feature!

So if you didn’t know, we have started a post that goes up every Saturday (Wedding Day!!) featuring a wedding we have either found on the web that took our breath away or one that was submitted to us (if you want to submit yours, you can do so by clicking HERE, we would loooove to see it). Enough of the shameless plug for this post….. Here’s the wedding you came for: It’s Mine!
It’s not that my wedding took my breath away or anything (I would actually change a lot about it, if I had the chance) but I just wanted to share a wedding and figured maybe you all would like to see mine and my husbands (henceforth known as Movie Star). I think I’ll share Bonnie’s next week if she’ll let me…. wink.. wink.  Anyway, we were married at Castle Green in Pasadena, CA.  It was a hotel built in 1890 which now houses apartments.  It’s vintage to a “T” and the perfect place for Movie Star and I to get hitched.  All photographs by Kevin McIntyre.
Movie Star’s favorite time of the year is the fall. He loves the leaves and all the colors. When he shared this with me I said, ” The fall? What’s that? I don’t know what seasons are.” Since I grew up in SoCal, seasons don’t exist. But as he and I have traveled and we have watched seasons change together, Fall has become my favorite as well.
This is my bouquet and boots.  These boots were disturbingly vintage.  Okay maybe ‘disturbingly’ isn’t the best word, but when I saw them with all their lace and loveliness, chills went up my spine and I just knew I had to have them.  No one really knew what they looked like, but I did and they were marvelous.
Instead if the traditional floral centerpiece
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