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Friay’s Fab Etsy Finds: Retro Rose Jewelry

Gorgeous rose vintage jewelry on Etsy, perfect finds for Valentine’s Day!

When I think of rose-themed jewelry, it reminds me of the accessories that I use to wear in grammar school. Those irreplaceable treasures that I would wear to bed every night. Even though they probably only cost a few dollars, they made me feel special and girlie and just plain pretty. And maybe that’s why this fashion is making a comeback. The classic rose takes us Generation Yers back to a simpler time when all we had to worry about was how to work a Pogo Bal and what time Saved By The Bell came on. Whatever the draw is, I’m hooked. Its elegant playfulness allows the rose motif to work with almost any outfit. But like anything totally 80’s, having a unique touch is the key to making its retro allure work. Luckily when it comes to individuality, Etsy’s got you covered. Here are a few finds that will have you rocking it like its 1989.
Vintage Inspired Rosebud Earrings
I could wear these little beauties every day of the week. They come in a variety of colors, but I am digging this rich red hue. They are individually handcrafted from polyclay and sell for $13. Right now the seller, Mr. Jason, is offering a BOGO on all of his earrings.
Rose and Glass Beads Necklace
There are so many color and style variations to choose from on this necklace. The ivory and turquoise struck a chord with the vintage lover in me. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but for some reason this piece reminds me of the movie, My Girl (one of my childhood faves). And I imagine that it would make me feel just so dainty and feminine. It comes with matching glass earrings and sells for $44. As an extra bonus, shipping is free.
Olive Roses Antique Brass
I daydream about wearing this sunny little bracelet. The roses are soft and delicate while the metal is fun and whimsical. And the sheen from the beads dresses the whole thing up. I love the oversized, ornate details. So often bracelets tend to lack the pizazz found in other articles of jewelry. This one sells for $15.
Antique Brass Adjustable Ring
This bubble gum hued ring makes me want to throw on a Debbi Gibson record and
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Wedding Trends: Drinks

Trending Flair and Flavor of Wedding Refreshments!

ontinuing with the edible side of the wedding, we’re moving onto drinks. Although there are some new twists on old favorite drinks, the major change taking place is the drink presentation. Also, as alcoholic drink choices don’t differ much besides signature drinks of the bride and groom, I’ll be dealing with non-alcoholic beverages. As the rest of the wedding turns away from modernism, so do the drinks. The trend is a return to old-fashioned, elegant simplicity. There are numerous ways to do it, but there are a few definitive ways.
The chief differing element which influences trends of drinks is the idea of self-service. Rather than having waiters bustle around guests, couples are opting for the simplicity of making beverages available for guests to serve themselves. With this, pitchers and drink dispensers are becoming more popular. They add a sweet, rustic touch to any wedding.
To add a rustic feel, jars are opted for over glasses. This can also be very sentimental if you are able to get jars with a brand you like or save various jars over time. It’s also the most unpretentious way for your guests to drink. Include jars with your dispensers and you have a sweet, simple yet elegant drink display.
Adding a touch to a drink isn’t new, but these design elements are changing. Instead of a plain straw, a whimsical, colorful detail is added by using striped straws. A flag can add a touch of decor as well as the ever-popular umbrella. A truly natural addition, and my personal favorite, is the use of flowers. Many flowers are edible and can truly enhance a drink’s look and flavor. If a whole flower is too much to you though, use petals. It’s simple, elegant and sweet all in one.
For drinks that aren’t mixed and don’t require a dispenser, such as soda pop, the fad is to make them look as old-fashioned as possible. This is done by using glass bottles and with the most vintage labels possible. To make it even more classic, keep them in a crate or to throw them in a metal tub of ice for an easy grab. A cute vintage feel can be done by adding an old-fashioned bottle opener and straws.
Lastly, the choice of drinks are trending as well. Here the aim is to be as original as possible, while still offering drinks that your guests won’t be timid to try. This is usually done by
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Fabulous Etsy Finds: Valentine Gifts

Cute finds on Etsy special for Valentine’s Day

Oh Etsy how do I love you, let me count the ways.  One) You are always unabashedly yourself.  Two) Your quirky style helps me discover interests I never knew I had.  Three) You encourage creativity by providing a marketplace foe artists from all walks of life.  Four) I can always find something with you that brings me joy for less than $20.  Five) You make Valentine’s Day more beautiful with your funky, cool awww-inspiring finds.  Have a look at a few lovely creations that I want to give/get this Monday.
White Vintage Ring And A Pale Pink Rose
Yoda in Love - Red and Black 8 X 5.5 Greeting Card
Love Birds Necklace
Free Shipping White Gold Plated Love Birds Necklace by Manocelebrates On Etsy
Lovey Owl Print
Hooo Loves Ya... 8.5 x 11 inch print
Yes Or No Slap Bracelet
Do You Like Me Circle Yes or No - Sweetheart Valentine Cuff Bracelet - Version 2 - Ready to Ship
Rustic Barn Carving
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