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A Poetic Look Back at 2010 - A clever Christmas card newsletter example

original and sweet!

A Poetic Look Back On 2010

Seasons Greetings dear family and friends.
We have reached that time of year once again.
Time to share with you all of our wins and our losses.
And apprise you of how we’ve fared with all that life tosses.
Alpha’s livelihood has been redefined,
Instead of 7 to 7, He is now 9 to 5.
His switch from Enterprise to the Pepsi team
Has brought a gain to our happiness and to our means.
Since his free time has become much more abundant
He found a marathon and decided to run it.
Though he fell just short of his 4 hour wish
His will was still strong and his feet were still swift.
Aiden continues to grow leaps and bounds.
He is the smartest first grader this side of town.
His interests include trains big and small
Asa has settled in quite well at preschool
And soon he will move from a ‘tee’ to baseball.
He works hard on his letters, his crafts and his doodles.
He enjoys video games and playing with others
And has blossomed into a helpful big brother.
And we send you a great big Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!
Than completely and utterly favored and blessed.
This year I have found that I have been nothing less
We hope that this finds you with all you desire and more
For my loving family and a warm home to stay.
I continue to be more grateful each day,
But now we can’t fathom a life without him here.
He has been with us for just over a year,
He enjoys hiding and seeking all of his toys.
Avery has grown to be a curious boy.
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New Uses For Old Bananas

My kids love bananas.  They eat them for breakfast, for snacks, at lunch, even before they go to bed.  And whenever we are running all over town, I know that a few bananas will tide them over until we get home.  So naturally I buy them by the bushel.  However, I do believe that my stockpiling has backfired on me.  I am so afraid of running out that I overcompensate.  The result?  I usually have several browning bananas on my countertop at any given time.  And, you know my kids aren’t going to be unpeeling ol’ spotty when there is a fresh batch sitting right beside him.  So what to do with my mature bananas?  One can only make so many loaves of banana bread (especially when she is watching here figure…).  Instead, here are several alternative uses for our yellow friends.
  • Fertilize your garden.  Plants and soil love bananas, both the peel and the fruit.  Just mash them into your soil with a trowel around the base of your plant(s). You will be rewarded with healthier, more vibrant vegetation without the mess or expense of store bought fertilizers.
  • Trap fruit flies.  Open a ripened banana and place it inside a clean, empty yogurt container.  Seal the container with its lid and poke small holes into the lid.  The flies will be attracted to the banana and enter the container, but they won’t be able to find their way out through the tiny holes.
  • Beautify.  Create a soothing and effective mask for your hair and/or face using mashed banana as the star ingredient.  For hair: simply massage mashed banana into your hair and let it sit for 15 mins.  Then rinse and shine.  For face: combine one mashed banana with 1/4 cup plain yogurt and 1 teaspoon honey.  Spread the mixture over your face and let it sit for 15 mins.  Rinse well.  Both of these masks moisturize and provide anti-aging benefits.
  • Stock up for smoothies.  Frozen bananas make a great addition to any smoothie.  Just peel and slice bananas into chunks and store them in tupperware or a freezer bag in your freezer.  Then the next time you are in the mood for a yum-yum smoothie toss a few banana chunks into the blender to make it creamier and frostier.  My favorite concoction is chocolate peanut butter banana.  Blend 8 oz milk, 1 whole frozen banana 2 tablespoons of chocolate drink powder (like Nesquik) and a heaping spoonful of pb and, ta-da!
  • Bake healthier.  Mashed bananas can replace the fats (ie: oil, butter, lard) in a lot of your baking recipes.  Swap it in equal parts for your cakes, breads and muffins.  You can also use it to replace up to half the fat in your cookie recipes.  So if your favorite oatmeal raisins call for 1 cup butter, use 1/2 cup butter and 1/2 cup mashed bananas. 
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    Handmade Wednesday’s: Dryer Fragrance Sachets

    Very cute how-to!

    While I am always looking for great crafts, I came upon a gem: CraftBits. They were loaded with really great ideas and this was one of them. So if you are ever tired of buying new dryer sheets all the time and being wasteful, try making your own dryer sachet. When you place it into the dryer the fragrance will come wafting through and penetrate through all your clothes. It’s so easy!
    What You’ll Need:
    • Cotton Fabric (your choice)
    • Sheet wadding
    • Lavender seeds
    • Fragrance oil or Essential oil (your choice)- consider Lavender and Lemon
    Here’s How to Make it:
    • Start by cutting out what size pads you want , approx. 5cm X 5cm is suitable.
  • Cut your fabric into the size you require allowing for stitching.
  • Sew 3 sides of your fabric closed and slip in the sheet wadding through the last opening.
    • You will need to either begin hand sewing or machine sewing this end closed.
    • Just before you complete the closure Sprinkle some lavender oil into the Project or sprinkle your drops of oil onto the wadding prior to placing it inside.
    • And when the fragrance decreases add some more drops of oil !
    • You can use essential or fragrant oils for these mat’s, Fragrant oil is much cheaper and can be bought from good craft supply stores.
    Here’s another way:
    • Instead of putting wadding in, load it the bag with lavender seeds
    • Now, if you are not crafty or just don’t have time to make these, you can find them on Etsy too!
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    Get organized for the new year: out with the old and in with the new!

    Helpful tips for starting the new year!

    Hunting down storage space around the house has been a quest of mine since the birth of my second child.  We don’t have a lot of square footage to begin with and we seem to constantly be acquiring new stuff.  This is never more true than right after Christmas.  We come home with our car packed to brim with new things to shove into our overstuffed house.  Well, this year I decided that we were going to get out in front of this problem.  After all, what good is it to have nice things if you can’t find them?

    So I took to sorting through our old stuff.  I do this every year, but this time I was brutal.  I wanted the clutter out!  Here are a few guidelines that I used:

    • Disengage From Sentimental Feelings So often I get caught up in what an item means to me.  I have a box of truly special things, like my son’s first onesie and the kids’ artwork, that I will never touch, but every thing else went through the ringer.  If I hadn’t seen it, used it or wore it in 2010 and I couldn’t make use of it in the immediate future, it got tossed.  Sure, I may miss that sweater I was wearing when I met my husband, but the real keepsake from that day was the hubby not the outfit.  And its not doing anyone any good packed away in my garage.
    • Assess True Usefulness In addition to nostalgia, I am also a sucker for re purposing.  I keep many items around my house that out live their usefulness because I think that they have potential to be used for something else.  But instead of putting them to use, I pack them away in boxes.   Again I followed the rule of thumb, if we hadn’t used it in 2010 and I couldn’t put it to immediate use, it was out.
    • Assess True Value I junked anything that was chipped, stained, ripped or broken.  So often I hang onto things past their prime, because they used to be so nice and I am too cheap to replace them.  So I pretend that they are still nice, but really that stained silk tablecloth wasn’t fooling anyone. I also got rid of any clothes that I liked the idea of, but not the actual item.  You know, the dress that looked great on the hanger but just doesn’t fit right.  So you think I have this amazing ABS dress I can’t get rid of it.  But it will never be worn, because every time you think of wearing it you remember that it doesn’t fit right.
    • What They Don’t Know Won’t Hurt ‘Em I sorted through our toys while the kids were at school.  This was not to sneak one by them, rather just to avoid unnecessary melt downs.  When my 6 year old helps me with this chore, he wants to hold onto everything-from happy meal toys that are several years old to his old teether toys.  Most of these things he doesn’t even remember he has until he sees them because they have been socked away in the bottomless pit of a toy bin for the past year and a half.
    So now after 2 days of purging, I emerge feeling refreshed, renewed and about 7 garbage bags of junk lighter.  Sure, I may have to buy a few odds and ends that I may have been able to re-craft, but that cost is well worth the fact that I now have a clutter free house.
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    Handmade Wednesdays: Cookie Tin Doilies!

    a how to on cookie tin doilies. very cute and a perfect project for any crafty person or DIYer!

    Handmade Wednesdays: Cookie Tin Doilies

    Just because it is January and the Christmas season is over doesn’t mean you have stopped baking right? Right? Well, maybe you have. But I know that there have been many years where I have baked and baked only to find the season over, my waistline larger and my stomach hungrier to more. Plus, I just love to bake cookies! So, if you are feeling as I have and want to share your newly baked goods with friends, family and neighbors you may be looking for something pretty to put them in that isn’t too Christmasy. Completely got you covered! Though I am a crafty lady and would love to take credit for this idea, I sadly can not. It’s the ever clever Martha. Here we’ve explained how she makes doily labels to dress up your cookie tins!
    Doily Tin How-To:
    Download desired doily-tin clip art, below. Or scan your own doilies!
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