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cute and simple

cute and simple

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happy valentine’s day! he will be my valentine :)

happy valentine’s day! he will be my valentine :)

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Handmade Wednesday’s: Scrapbooking with

learn to preserve memories with Lindsey

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Handmade Wednesday’s: Scrapbooking with Lindsey

As a picture crazy lady, I love to scrapbook.  And because I have had a lot of time on my hands lately, I have been trying to get as many of my memories and favorite family photos down on paper.  I figured since this is my current crafting extravaganza, I should share it with you!

I absolutely love my little nephews (Bonnie’s kids).  They constantly amaze me and make me smile – though sometimes they can be little rascals.  I have a whole scrapbook dedicated to their little lives and fabulous memories.  Here are two pages of Bonnie’s middle son Asa.  He is such a bundle of energy and always getting into some sort of trouble.  I had a bunch of pictures of him doing silly things and wanted to put up a few pages showcasing his many adventures.  I’m sharing this page because it is a different layout, but super simple and easy.  It’s perfect for those pages where you have a ton of pictures that have cropping capabilities, but you don’t have a lot of pages in your book to spare.

Basically, I just found some papers that coordinated well, cropped the pics, used my Creative Memories wave cutter for the border and a punch for all the squares and I was all set.  Hope this layout helps with your current scrapbooking needs!

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