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Wedding Trends: Place Cards

Place cards are one of areas of a wedding that allow for great originality. Here are some great tips and trends to look at!

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10 Funny Wedding Moments Caught on Video

the light side of weddings

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I thought we should have another go at looking at the funnier side of weddings again today, as it is always a good time. So I have gathered some of the best clips that Youtube has to offer. I hope you enjoy :)

10.) Groomsmen Faints

Now, there are a lot of videos of people fainting at weddings. Apparently, the stress of the day is too intense for many people. In this video though, the poor young groomsmen is standing on the top step of a platform and therefore when he falls, he falls hard.

9.) Flower Girls Run Out of Flowers

I’ve only seen something like this on TV, but I guess I’d expect it to happen in real life as well. The moral of the story is it’s better to give flower girls too much rather than too few petals.

8.) Best Man Wardrobe Malfunction

This mishap isn’t quite common at weddings, and is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to anyone. It’s probably something people have nightmares about. Luckily, everyone laughed this off, but it will always be remembered :)

This groom obviously knows how to tell a story and more importantly knows how to deliver it. It takes some cleverness to write this and then convince your pastor to read the word hoochie to your guests. Well done, sir.

6.) Thriller Dance

I love this video simply for the perfect setup. It was ingenious to have the groomsmen wander up from all different places moving like zombies, because no one knew it was coming. Cool entertainment for a wedding!

5.) First Dance

This took some effort (and some patience from the bride and groom with guests talking during their first dance) and will definitely be remembered by everyone for years to come. There are many videos like this on Youtube, but for some reason, this stands out among them. Maybe it’s their personalities, but no matter what it is some perfect comedy.

4.) Best Best Man Speech

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When Wedding Photos Go Wrong Again

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I felt it was time to make fun of some weddings for your enjoyment again. I usually write about the splendor of nuptials, but I thought because of the all the good things I talk about when I talk about weddings, it was time to find the bad (or just funny) things in weddings. So, instead of showcasing another wedding today,
I bring you another installment of when wedding photos go wrong. Enjoy!

Blame the trends, the photographer, the mood people were in, but these photos are gems. They prove the bad photos are as good as the good ones.
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Wedding of the Week: Desert Delight

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This week we’re changing pace from the country to the desert. Desert weddings are rare and difficult to do, but this one is done superbly. The desert is incorporated into the wedding well. Not too much, not too little, making it a perfect oasis. It’s also a blend of modern for the ceremony and rustic for the reception and style overall. It also fuses casual and elegant in one of the best ways I’ve ever seen to make guests comfortable while the occasion is still formal. But enough talk, enjoy the wedding!

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Wedding of the Week: Classic White

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Most weddings we highlight are those which are different from what you expect. This one is a classic white wedding, but it’s done so well that it is special. Especially in a day of color everywhere, a wedding of pure white is actually different. It’s a nice blend of modern and country as well as classic and new. Enjoy the classic white wedding!
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Wordless Wednesday: Dirty Mouth

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5 Funniest Marriage Proposals

Marriage Proposals are usually sweet and romantic, but the lucky few get funny ones!

If you read our site regularly, you can see that I absolutely love weddings. It’s a once in a lifetime event, and to have a wedding, you must first have a proposal. One reason that I love proposals so much is because they vary so greatly. Every guy wants to surprise the girl they propose to but most guys go for the most romantic way. Some guys with more of a sense of humor take a funny approach (and I think their girls are the luckiest). Below are the five funniest (but tasteful) proposals I’ve come across.
# 5
This is the most public proposition of the list. A boyfriend used his girlfriend’s favorite show to get her attention. He paid for a commercial during her favorite show to pop the question via national television. His girlfriend received the shock of her life and he got a fiance.
# 4
This boyfriend wanted a live audience for his shenanigans. At a basketball game, he rigged the halftime game so that his girlfriend would be chosen from the crowd to be the participant. In the game, she was blindfolded and told she had thirty seconds to run around the court and find the mascot to win free tickets to a future game. Needless to say, she found the mascot and started jumping up and down for joy thinking she had won. As she took off her blindfold, the mascot knelt down and pulled out a ring instead of tickets. She was shocked, then the mascot head came off revealing her boyfriend. She may have been a little ticked off that she didn’t really win the game, but she did get a finance out of it.
# 3
One boyfriend put his movie skills to good use creating a major-motion-picture-quality movie trailer ending with him on his knee. He then got his local theater to go along with him to help him carry out his plan. They played his trailer when he and his girlfriend came to watch a movie, making them both stars.
# 2
One man took advantage of knowledge that his girlfriend checks out Groupon everyday for deals. He hooked up his own deal with Groupon to have the giant coupon company make his proposal deal of the day. Other customers may have been angry that they didn’t get a daily coupon, but there was definitely one deal bought that day.
# 1
The most inventive (and personal favorite) is entertaining in many ways. One gutsy guy took his girlfriend’s camera and let her think she lost it. A few days later, he magically found it for her at her house. She frantically checked if the camera and her pictures were okay. As she browsed through her photos, she found some that she had not taken. To propose, her boyfriend had made a a makeshift slideshow using his clever wit, a dry erase board and about thirty pictures of as many different expressions he could think of. I’m just curious how she gave her answer of yes.
If you’re looking for some inspiration to propose or are just looking for a good laugh, I hope this list helps!
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Unique Touches That Are Easy to Add to Your Wedding

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Rather than bringing you another installment of wedding trends, I thought I’d share with you a few unique ideas that I have stumbled across in different places. Many weddings are very ‘status quo’, very predictable and void of anything that sets it apart. I don’t like this, because it’s your big day! It should stand apart from other weddings and be memorable for years to come. Plus, it’s always cool to say “no one has ever done this before” or “you just never see that at a wedding”. So, here are a few very simple ideas relating to wedding that will hopefully help set your special apart from the rest.

Silver Tray Engraving as Guest Book

Instead of having your guests sign their name on paper, have them make a lasting impression. Rent or buy an engraving pen and have your guests leave there messages. It makes for a beautiful decoration in your home. It’s also a great visual reminder of your wedding, rather than a closed book with signatures and messages. You can also use a picture frame instead of a silver tray. It’s also a nice touch to a wedding photo. And lastly, it’s quite uncommon and is elegant, yet casual, which can add some fun to your wedding.

Picture Frame Drink Tray

For more casual and whimsical weddings, this is a great idea. Use an old picture or just picture frame as a drink tray. I personally love the vintage frames and I think it adds a very vintage, stylish and casual feel to the wedding. Best of all, you have so many options of pictures and frames to choose from. If you and your groom have a favorite painting, show if off here. Or, if a work of art inspired your theme, let it show here.

Ornament Chandelier

This is especially great for Christmas weddings, but you can use other types of ornaments to make a chandelier throughout the year as well. Just tie ribbon to the ornaments and group them together. The great thing is, you can make this as colorful as you want or you can make it match your wedding theme’s colors. It’s a very sweet and simple touch and is also chic and down to earth. It’s also very cool to see something so beautiful and interesting and know that it wasn’t something the bride and groom just ordered, but actually made themselves. This is one item where doing it yourself can really pay off.

Make Centerpieces Usable

This may seem a little odd and very informal, but it is to make the tables more fun for your guests. Just make the centerpieces usable in some way for your guests. This may mean making them edible, so they may pick at it with toothpicks, rather than having to get up for hors d’oeuvres (or in addition to hors d’oeuvres). Or, you could choose your favorite simple games such as Hungry, Hungry Hippos, Trivial Pursuit or anything else that doesn’t require too much of involvement or too many pieces. Or, a puzzle for each table could be a fun idea with a very cool reward for the table that finished theirs first. Just make sure it’s relatively simple like 100 pieces or so, because you don’t want this turning into a nerd convention or a church fair. You may also consider making a tree of cameras the centerpiece. It’s always fun to hand out disposable cameras at weddings to see what photos your guests can come up with. Making them the centerpiece will really encourage them from the very beginning of the reception to capture as many moments as possible. These may be informal ideas, but if done well, they can still be very beautiful as well.

Calendar Wrapping Paper

This is bit unorthodox but is a very good idea for a wedding for one reason. You can mark the special day on the calendar for the newlyweds and if they are sentimental at all, they will appreciate it very much and may possible want to keep it. Calendar days may be plain material to wrap with, but it shows a lot of thought and it will definitely make your gift stand out.

Polaroid Photo Guest Book

This is a neat combination of a cheap photo booth and a guest book. Have someone take a polaroid of each of your guests and in true Polaroid fashion, have a permanent marker available for them to write a message on the bottom white tab of the photo. It is a true throwback from the 80′s and early 90′s that will be great fun for everyone. Or, you can also just have them take a photo, then place in a book along with a message, creating a guest-made photo book with their lovely comments. Either way, this idea will go over big with your guests and you will get to laugh at all the different photos.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas or some inspiration. Do you have any unique wedding ideas or tips? Let us know below!

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Wedding of the Week: Country Classic

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I love all the weddings that we write about, but this one is especially great to me. It’s almost exactly what I would do at my own wedding. It’s a perfect blend of a simple, rustic, country motif and class. It’s a perfect combination of down to earth ambiance and elegance, not pretentious just fancy for the day. I can’t say enough good things about this wedding, so I won’t even try. See for yourself.

Congratulations to the bride and groom! May you have a blessed marriage!

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Wedding of the Week: Greek Grandeur

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As you may have guessed from posts such as this or this (and more to come), I love Greece. So, when you combine weddings and Greece, two of my favorite things, I get so excited I can hardly handle it. This wedding is everything colorful, timeless, summery and Mediterranean that is Greece. The bright flowers starkly against the white wall, the ornate Greek churches, the old stone slab roads all pushed against the pristine seaside. It’s pure magic which makes it the perfect place for a wedding. This wedding took place on the island of Hydra, an unchanged island steeped in history where the only mode of transportation is a donkey. I can go on forever though, so let me save you some time and move onto the photos.

Congratulations to the happy newlyweds! We hope they have a long and happy marriage!

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Wedding of the Week: Farm Fare

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We have showcased many simple weddings, but this one may be the simplest thus far. It took place on the couple’s farm during the summer and the nature of the country took center stage. The soft color palette and tall corn stalks are hard to resist. This proves that weddings can be beautiful, tasteful and not lacking anything on any budget. These happen to be my favorite kind of weddings and this particular one is the epitome of such, and I just had to share it!
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